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A new party shop in Old Trafford is making waves by cornering the market, and combining stocking party supplies with a venue dressing service, and even offering in-house botox.

Former office manager Julie Mohabier decided to become her own boss after being made redundant from an architecture firm and opened Jules Party Box in early July.

The Manchester based entrepreneur says she wanted to work for herself doing something that made other people happy, and attributes her early success to the location.

Julie told TNT: “Considering I’ve only been open a few weeks, it’s taken off.

“All of my customers are really glad it’s here, they say its local, it’s convenient, and they don’t have to go to Stretford or to town”.

After a year searching for a shop front, Julie moved into her Stretford Road premises in just three weeks after chancing across the landlord while she was scouting the property.

Besides party supplies, the business includes an in-house cosmetic and botox service with a registered nurse, Tia Calder Aesthetics, and catering services under the name Jules Party Cuisine.

Julie added: “We dress all kinds of events; we do birthdays, christenings, funerals, weddings. You name it we do it basically”.

TNT Business  Lewis Chapman-Barker

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