On our eighth day






The sun is shining bright as it glistens of the aqua marine sea, the sand feels like velvet beneath my feet as we run along the beach.

I am the centre of his affection in which I relish, we laugh as he chases me, I run just enough to exert some energy but slow enough for him to catch me and hold me in his sculpted arms which seems to fit my body perfectly. He get closer the thought of him holding me fills me with excitement. I slow a little more as to display tiredness at which point I feel his hands gently hold on to me as I pretend to try and get away. I am immersed in the moment; he picks me up and twirls me around in his arms, I feel so free and don’t want this to end. He stands still holding me in his arms my feet still not able to reach the velvet sand. He tells me he loves me just before squeezing me tighter into him as he kisses my lips; complete bliss.

We spend the evening on the beach building a fire; we have everything for a perfect evening, the radio playing in the background, some beautiful food, champagne, and blankets that will take the chill off the night air. We talk and laugh about our future plans, kiss and cuddle until eventually under the bright full moon I comfortably and lovingly fall asleep in his arms to the sound of sweet music from the radio.
I can hear the radio still on as I stir in my sleep this morning, I have the blanket covering my face but the bright sun has found a way to beam her light through a gap in which I tried to hide my face, she found a way of piercing my eye lid. I struggled to stay in sleep, I was aware of how uncomfortable I felt as I tried to stretch; my left side is numb with cold… o my goodness that sun I thought.

The man on the radio told me it was 6am as I hit my foot off something hard. “Good morning my sweet” I heard his voice say tapping on something metal. I smiled into consciousness. I opened my eyes, the beam of sunlight light blinding my right eye, my left eye still in darkness beginning to recognise I was no longer in a perfect dream, I was back to my nightmare; locked in this cold harsh metal filling cabinet!…

Day eight!… I know the routine of my violent, perverted captor. My mind had escaped but will I?

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