‘One Man Star Wars’ a hit at the Lowry theatre Manchester

Complete with voice impersonations, sound effects, soundtracks and that iconic light-sabre battle, ‘One Man Star Wars’ was not so far away in a distant galaxy; but appeared before our very eyes in the Lowry Theatre.

The off-Broadway show, starring Charles Ross (and Charles Ross only), is based on the original Star Wars trilogy.

Condensing 12 hours of cinematic magic into a 75 minute performance may seem impossible, but the sought-after show demonstrated that it was indeed possible to travel in time, fly through space and defeat the dark lord in such a short time – all while creating a hilarious night of laugh-out-loud comedy.

Ross’ ‘One Man Star Wars’ uses the imagination of the audience to bring the trilogy back to life. With a bare, black stage and use of controlled lighting, his variety of voice impersonations stole the show. His impression of the lovable droid, R2D2, was particularly believable and was well-received amongst the audience.

The dynamic use of movement allows for the entire stage to be utilised. The sheer level of energy and enthusiasm for every character that he brings to life is extremely entertaining to watch.

The side commentary and break of character, or should I say characters, only adds to the comedic value of the show. The hilarious interruptions, such as his direct questions to the audience like “do you remember that part?…Well that was it”, create the abundance of laughs expected from the show.

His side comments, which are so well received, state out-loud what we all think privately – and it is exactly this which gives the show its quirky edge from any other fan-fiction or paraphernalia.

From London’s West End to the Sydney Opera House, the Canadian actor has performed his act in front of millions of Star Wars fanatics worldwide. In a hilariously entertaining anecdote, Charles Ross recounts his performance in front of Lucas Film – who now officially endorse his show.

Despite having stated that he’s been performing and improving his act for the past sixteen years, his performance was still as enthusiastic and full of life as it would have been the first time round.

The fun and energetic performance recreates the childhood of many Star Wars fans – playing make belief and recreating each film after its release.

Whilst a prior knowledge of the original trilogy is crucial – the show is suitable for all the family.
‘One Man Star Wars’ is not to be missed by Star Wars fanatics.

TNT Arts/Culture Alexia Hendrickson


Photo Credit: The Lowry Theatre

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