OneDa & Samzy – Manchester’s rising MCs

OneDa is a female rapper from Manchester, UK. Her melodic tones and skilful word play combined, delivers a sound unique to herself. This makes her far from your average rapper.

She has recently started her musical journey as a solo artist, after years of toying with the idea, she is finally on her way.

She has been a part of the Manchester music scene for years. Was also in former female rap duo Batz inda belfry.

The rapper has and has been championed by the likes of Huw Stevens, Alice Levine (Radio 1) and more recently DJ Target (Radio 1Xtra). Who recently made her one of his ‘High 5’ acts to watch out for in Manchester.

Speaking of Manchester’s lack of female rappers, OneDa’s manager Michael Crowe told TNT: “Nothing like this has come out of Manchester for a long time. She has a bright future ahead of her. Although she is still at university until June. Someone [in music] in Chicago wants to do some work with her”.

Elsewhere in Manchester. 27-year-old South Manchester rapper Samzy, is making waves on the scene. The rapper’s interest in music was influenced by underground rappers. Such as Woody, Brother Lynch and X-raided.

Having released mixapes over the years. Most recently Samzy has been working alongside other artists including Rieks and artist/producer B Mac. Collectively they go by the name B Mac and The Drop.

Samzy’s latest single “Living for Today” which dropped in October 2017.  Moves out of Samzy’s comfort zone of hard-hitting rap songs, to bring a more upbeat and positive message through his music.


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Photo Credit: OneDa – Samzy

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