Opera North’s ‘The Snow Maiden’ – Review

With a spectacular #musical and aesthetic composition, Opera North’s ‘The Snow Maiden’ will blow any pre-existing expectations out of the water.

In a #remake of the #classic #Russian fairy tale, #Snegurochka is #theSnowMaiden. As an illegitimate daughter of winter and spring, her heart is made of ice. Yearning the love of human companionship would melt her heart and end in dire consequences. Captivated by Lel, the shepherd boy leads her parents to lament the tragic consequence.

The #stage set up is simply stunning. The animated video projections that dominate the stage create a layered and framed scenery. Embroidered flowers blossom and twine and delicate snow flakes effortlessly fall.

The #production’s attention to detail is worthy of significant praise — from the scenery to the lighting, the level of thought and care was clear to see and results in an a truly outstanding visual experience.

Similarly, the costumes were impressively intricate. With beauty everywhere you look, ‘#TheSnowMaiden’ is a mesmerising opera that is not to be missed.

What was most interesting about the performance was the powerful influence it had over its audience. Despite watching the #opera performance in #March, it was hard to not be transported to the most festive period of the year.

The showcasing of expertise is also worthy of praise. The level of talent was #phenomenal — the standard and quality of the singing allows the audience to be guided into a #fairytale world. But it’s not only the voices that deserve recognition; the musical score is pure genius. The sound that is emitted is fresh, atmospheric and melodious and is supported by horns, harps and jingly bells.

While the length of the piece — approximately 3 hours — maybe seem exceptionally long for some, the interval is timed perfectly. Its hard to remember how much time passes when you are completely captivated by the story that unfolds right before your eyes.

Appropriate for the whole family and being one of the most unexpected favourites here at #TNTNews, ‘The Snow Maiden’ is definitely worth every single penny.

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Photo Credit: Opera North

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