Order & Chaos: Protest Poems

Julia Davenport and Mbizo Chirasha’s ‘Order and Chaos: Protest Poems’ is comprised of a collection of hard-hitting verses.

This poetry collection covers themes including childhood, war, love, music, heritage and politics. The manuscript is divided into two parts, one written by Davenport, the other by Chirasha.

Both writers’ styles are individually distinct and are separate them by order. However, they are both closely tied in their exploration of the theme of chaos.

Davenport opens the collection of ‘Protest Poems’. The title of the opening poem, ‘Bipolar – Type 2’, introduces the theme of disorder – particularly in thinking. Returning back to childhood, ‘All sights, smells and sounds’ are intensified, ‘filling’ the poet back up.

It appears that there is something missing and absent within the chaos. ‘Anything is possible’ and the poet grows ‘restless’ and panicked.

The world is viewed in a ‘new way’. Readers will be thrown into the middle of a chaos which they cannot escape. The first poem characterises those that follow.

All are trapped within the subject of conflict. Poems pivot around flashbacks, past events or current chaos.

In ‘Chained’ an unhealthy attachment – or ‘chaining’ – to an abusive lover is explored. The victim of abuse can only think of leaving her ‘bad habit’ of a lover. Powerlessness is apparent within a chaotic romantic affair in ‘Consequence’.

The subject matter grows political and critical of war and austerity in poems such as ‘Austerity is a lie’. ‘Refugees of World War III’ observes the Syrian refugee crisis. ‘Cassava Republics’ is bluntly critical of war, culture, politics and revolution.

Chirasha’s ‘Protest Poems’ are concerned with Africa and the ‘true story of ourselves’. Amidst chaos and ordered silence, a letter is written. This poetic letter appears in ‘I will not Silence the Sun’.

In ‘Struggle’ Africa is encouraged to sing its struggle, voicing crisis. Throughout poems, Chirasha, narrates the ‘sorrows of our past’ with a bold voice.

Order & Chaos is a fantastically reflective of chaos whilst calling for order.

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