Origins of Astrological Time

The origins of astrology

When we think of African spirituality, African art, African sciences we think of the great architects, mathematicians and healers.

Additionally, we think of the numerous advanced divination systems passed down from generation to generation. However, have we considered that we our direct descendants of great astronomers and astrologers? Yes, before there was the clock, telescopes, space rockets and all the technical stuff, our ancestors used a system of observation even NASA couldn’t explain.

The Dogon tribe in Mali identified there was an orbiting star around Sirius. They also discovered Saturn had rings around its circumference, all without the use of technology. In Egypt, a 360-degree map of the stars divided into 12 areas of space can be seen now on the temple ceilings. Further back to Mesopotamia, we can find the earliest recordings of Astrology (the origins of early civilisations).

Our ancestors were translators of the first-ever recorded clock known to humans. The Stars.

They were able to use divine observation of the sun and planetary movements as a timer to predict the seasons. As a result, they could forewarn changes in their immediate environment with precision and its effects on terrestrial events. They were original gatekeepers of time. Every modern device we use based on time, from the calendar to the wall clock, has its origins in the ancient system of astronomy and astrology.

If we look at the earth’s meridian, it now lies in Greenwich London based at the Royal Observatory. That is where we base 0 degrees of time. But later the GPS system shown this to be inaccurate and the Greenwich meridian is off.

Now if we look at the original prime meridian, we will find that it lay East at its original location, in ancient Egypt. This marker displayed the Great Pyramid of Giza as the earth’s natural ancient prime meridian and recorded time as we know it. The true centre of the earth is at 0 degrees latitude before it was changed to GMT (Greenwich Meridian Time).

Why is this important? Because in order to understand a system based on time we must first go back in time and look at its origins. How it was used before it was adopted by other cultures and evolved into the ‘astrology’ we know it today.

Mathematical calculations, science, geometry, spiritual enlightenment, philosophy and the understanding of energy and consciousness at its core, are just a few of the elements that make this system we call Astrology.

Understanding there is so much more to who we are and that planetary rhythms have more of an effect on us than we realise.

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