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Outrage after Charlize Theron’s son wears dress

An image that has emerged of actress Charlize Theron’s adopted son wearing a dress and a wig, has sparked widespread debate, as people shared their views across the internet.

The image shows the five-year-old wearing a dress and a blonde wig, apparently in an attempt to look like Elsa, a character from the Disney film ‘Frozen’.

Since, arguments from all sides have been shared on various forms of social media.

Some believe that allowing her son to dress in this way makes Charlize a bad parent. @_Uncensorable tweeted, “Shame on Charlize Theron for allowing her black adopted SON to dress up in a blonde wig & a dress. Very unacceptable”.

Others think the total opposite, believing it is in fact good parenting to allow your child to express themselves however they wish and be who are they are. @sixmyths tweeted, “Here’s a thought: maybe Charlize Theron’s son WANTED to wear the dress? Crazy, I know. Letting him have his own identity and all”.

It’s clear that people have mixed opinions on this topic, but what do you think?

Is allowing this young boy to wear a dress and a wig wrong? Should Charlize be letting her son wear whatever he wants to? Would anyone care as much if a young girl was dressed in boys’ clothes?

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Photo credit: DoggieDiamondsTVMRSUPERBOY223

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