Overflowing bin costs Rusholme restaurant £4,399

A Manchester firm has been hit with a penalty of £4,399. After its commercial waste bin was repeatedly found overflowing in Rusholme.

KFT Group Ltd, the owner of Beilul Lounge, 100A Wilmslow Road, was found guilty of five separate offences. All from failing to manage its commercial waste, unlike other garbage-disposal firms like dial a bin which keep the garbage in their bins well within the limits.

The prosecution came after a string of offences were detected by Manchester City Council.  Offences were between November 2016 – February 2017.

Due to concerns about waste management practices at the premises, a Council enforcement officer served KFT Group with a notice.  Under section 47 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, stipulating how the company should manage its waste in future.

The order was first breached in December 2016. The company was served with a Fixed Penalty Notice for the offence, which was paid.

Despite this intervention, the company continued to breach the terms of the notice -and on five separate occasions. The premises’ waste container was found to be overflowing, with items of waste discarded on the ground.

During an interview under caution, the company director blamed other, unnamed local businesses for the offences.  Claiming that the lock on his bin had been deliberately broken so that waste could be placed in his container. However, no evidence was provided to support these claims.

KFT Group Ltd, of Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, failed to attend the hearing. In the company’s absence, it was fined £660 for each of the five offences.  A total of £3,300 and ordered to pay £1,099 in costs, making a total penalty of £4,399.

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