PAC45 continues #PAC70 Africa in the World

About four months on from the #PAC70 weekend – Africa in the World – a video which documented last year’s entire conference was launched at the Hideaway Youth Project on 26 February.

Produced by First Cut Media, the 40-minute video was made to document the conference itself and establish an online presence for the #PAC45 foundation.

The primary aim of launching it officially a few months after the #PAC70 conference, was to “continue the conversation with young people to find out their priorities and also to encourage intergenerational dialogue”, BARAC’s Colette Williams told TNT.

Marking the 70th anniversary of the 1945 Pan African Congress (#PAC70), TNT part-sponsored the Youth Question Time on the opening night of the 3-day conference back in October 2015.

Discussions between the young audience members and international panellists, included topics such as #BlackLivesMatter, Neo-Colonialism, Economics and Women in the struggle.

Narrated by Moss Side-born Denise Southworth, the video was aired to about 60 people. Talking to TNT afterwards, she said that for young black people in the west, “it’s crucial to be proud of Africa but to know they are not African”. She was elaborating on the dangers of the romanticism of Africa.

Commenting on the #PAC70 event, Lee Jasper said, “I think Pan Africanism contains the tools to unlock your future. And those tools are not about trying to integrate, trying to accommodate, trying to keep your mouth closed on the issues. The tools are about self-independence that allows you to do your politics”, Lee Jasper told Miss Southworth.

The University of Manchester’s Student Union General Secretary Naa Acquah has stated, “PAC 70 Youth Question will allow young people the space to talk about what they think and feel and how we can spread Pan-Africanism”.

The Union’s President Jordan Stephen, who has recently entered the running to become Black Students Campaign Officer within the National Union of students, has remarked “ I think there is no better time to showcase the great contributions that young people, students and Manchester have made and can still make to the global conversation about Africa, its history and the diaspora”.

On 6 April PAC 45 will be holding a Youth Call to Action consultation at The University of Manchester, this is a great opportunity for young people to find out more and to be involved in the planning of the next PAC conference. The next Pan African Conference will be held on 21, 22 and 23 October 2016.

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