‘Page 3’ returns


It was a short-lived ‘victory’ that many media outlets reported.

The Sun newspaper was back to its usual form today with a naked woman featured on its contentious third page.

Seemingly mocking those who reported that the long-running feature had been dropped, The Sun today “apologises” on behalf of those who ran the story.

It was thought that, after 44 years of Page Three, the paper had finally given in to criticism that the feature was outdated and sexist when, on Monday and Tuesday, there was no Page Three girl.

Sister paper the Times ran with the initial story, saying it understood that News Corp executive chairman Rupert Murdoch had signed off the decision.

It seems this was not true, though, and today they have put the record straight.

Despite apparently being back on form, it is still thought (hoped?) that the page will eventually be no more.

Campaign group No More Page Three has gained support from MPs and several anti- sexism charities since it was founded in 2012 and an online petition calling for an end to the page has been signed over 215,000 times so far.

Also, the ‘Irish edition of the paper stopped producing topless photos two years ago.

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