Paralympic champion Kadeena Cox returns to Manchester

Kadeena Cox went above and beyond at the Paralympics in Rio this summer. The determined sportswoman brought home gold in two different sports, plus a silver and a bronze. She’s now returned to her studies locally at Manchester Metropolitan University.

TNT caught up with Kadeena at the university library to talk the past, the present and the future. She somehow managed to pinpoint her highlight of the Games, despite having so many to choose from.

“I have loads of moments but probably the moment I crossed the line and realised I’d absolutely annihilated my 500m world record”.

Talking about her role models in sport, she explained that they’ve changed since she was an able-bodied athlete.

“When I got ill and got onto Paralympic squads and trained around people that have disabilities I realised that they’re the ones I should be inspired by. They’ve had adversities, set-backs, they’ve got everything against them and they’re overcoming that every day and doing amazing things. They’re essentially super-humans”.

We found out what Kadeena thought about Manchester’s Olympic and Paralympic parade. More importantly, we asked her how it compared to the parade in London.

“The Manchester parade obviously I live and train in Manchester so it was always gonna be better. In true Manchester style it rained but obviously Manchester legends stayed out and watched us”.

Due to the unpredictability of her Multiple Sclerosis, Kadeena can’t be sure she’ll be fit for the next Paralympics.

“Anyone can pick up injuries before a Games but for me it’s that little bit worse because I don’t know where my condition’s gonna lead to. I could be fully wheelchair bound by then.

“I wanna do it I mean I’ve got unfinished business, I’ve got two colours that I’d quite like to change into gold and obviously I wanna defend my titles and if I did that I’d probably leave it there and put it to bed”.

There are other sports aside from running and cycling though, and she isn’t ruling them out.

“I will not be a wheelchair racer! I have thought about wheelchair basketball though, life could take a whole different angle I’ll just go with it”.

In terms of what the future holds for Kadeena aside from sport, she has big plans. She dreams of opening a clinic for children with cerebral palsy.

“The people I know who did sport as a child tend to have improved their conditions so much more. So I can improve children’s conditions through sport and make it enjoyable for them, combining my love of sport and my love of physio”.

Whatever happens with Kadeena’s condition from now, she won’t be quitting sport without a fight. TNT wishes her luck and look forward to seeing her continue to overcome challenges and go on to further success.

TNT Sport Natasha Dunn

Photo Credit: MMU Sport

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