Parking on the kerb could now cost you £70




British members of parliament (MPs) are considering handing a £70 fine, to motorists across the UK who park on the kerb, in an effort to make the streets safer and encourage more people to walk.

Currently, drivers cannot park on the pavement in the capital unless it is expressly permitted by a local authority.

However, MPs are considering extending that ban across the UK and handing offenders a fine of £70.

Expected to welcome the proposed ban are road safety campaigners and disability groups. Nevertheless, road safety campaigners have expressed concern that the new powers will be abused by local councils, who have been accused of using driving and parking infractions as a means to boost revenue.

President of the AA, Edmund King said, “The concern would be that local authorities will be able to ban pavement parking without looking at the consequences – and without studying the alternatives”.

“Getting rid of pavement parking is fine – but only if you then remove some of the redundant double-yellow lines in order to create space elsewhere”.

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