Parts of flight MH370 possibly found

With over 500 days since the Air Malaysia Boeing 777 disappeared mid flight the world is finally one step closer to finding out what happened on that fateful day in March 2014.

Debris found on Reunion Island- a French island in the Indian Ocean- is thought to be from flight MH370 but there has been confusion as to whether this is actually the case.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak announced that the part of an aeroplane found washed up on Reunion Island was indeed from the Flight 370 Boeing 777.

However, in a cruel twist to events for the families of the 239 lost victims, French authorities contradicted the information already given to the media and general public, saying they could not conclusively prove that the debris was related to the doomed flight.

Since then, several other artefacts have surfaced including window parts, seat cushions and aluminium, all thought to be from the plane. The pieces will go through extensive tests to prove if they have indeed come from the plane in question.

Whilst Malaysian authorities seem eager to hang on to any possible progress, no matter how small or true, French authorities are unwittingly questioning Malaysia’s claims by mostly staying silent on the apparent emergence of more and more debris.

Meanwhile, the families of the victims have spoken out in anger at the mixed messages they have been receiving over the last few days and have gathered a small protest outside the Malaysia Airlines office in Beijing.


TNT News

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