Further payments released from the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund

A total of £908,000 has been released in this funding round. Most seriously injured to get further payments.

The We Love Manchester Emergency Fund has released more funds to those injured by the attack at the Manchester Arena.
These new funds will be given to people in three categories:

People who have received life-changing injuries – included paralysis, loss of limbs or other major injuries – will receive a further payment of £40,000. As they have already received £60,000 from the Fund for being hospitalised for seven nights or more.  This will bring the total they have received to £100,000.

People who were hospitalised less than a week and who are likely to make a full recovery, but who nonetheless have serious injuries and are still receiving ongoing medical treatment may be able to receive a further £56,500, subject to medical evidence. As they have already received £3,500 from the Fund this will bring the total they have received so far to £60,000.

There may be a small number of people who may not have already been captured by the existing criteria and who may be unable to work or study because of their physical injuries, and who have not had any payments so far. Those who are in hardship will receive a further payment of £10,000, providing that the medical evidence is received.

This latest round of funding brings the total distributed from the fund to £10m. Leaving approximately £8m still left in the Fund.

The trustees of the Emergency Fund will now decide how and when to distribute the rest of the money. Taking medical advice on how to best help those who are suffering from mental health conditions following the attack.

The money is a gift from the people of Manchester and the rest of the world. As such, there are no conditions to receiving the money.

In the first round of funding, the following payments were made:

Bereaved families received £20,000
Those in hospital for more than seven nights received £10,000. Those who had been hospitalised overnight received £3,500

This was then followed up by a second round of funding

Bereaved families received a further £50,000

Those hospitalised for more than a week received a further £50,0000

A third round of funding was released on 14 August. Bereaved families received an additional £180,000, bringing their total to £250,000

More information on the phased funding process will be released as it becomes available.

Families will also be entitled to apply to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, which is not related to this charity.

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