Pensioners forced to downsize their homes

As part of Theresa May’s housing strategy, older people will receive help with moving into smaller homes.

This move forms as one of the solutions to solve the current housing crisis. It is believed that the downsizing move from older homeowners will free up larger family homes.

May’s ‘flagship’ strategy will make it easier for older people to move into smaller homes as well as sheltered accommodation. A policy prioritising building new sheltered accommodation will be included the government proposal.

The report also aims to cut the dominance of a limited number of large housebuilders. The housing rethink encourages councils, housing associations and small developers to build more.

The Government has announced plans to build one million new homes by 2020.

The new rethink comes at a time when councils are experiencing ‘huge pressure’ on adult social care budgets.

It has been insisted that the new strategy is not about ‘pushing’ anyone out. Councils could cover the costs of moving or decorating in order to encourage large homeowners to downsize.

A “change in tone” has also been proposed. The Tories will focus on placing attention on the number of renters unable to own homes.

There are also plans to increase the protection of ancient woodlands. It has been said that there has been concerns that over 709 sites have been threatened by developments.

Housing minister, Gavin Barwell admitted that last year’s record of affordable housing building was “embarrassing”. Only 32,000 affordable homes were built. This is the lowest on record in the last 24 years.

Barwell says he wants to change how the market works, to offer more “secure tenancies” for homes for rent.

The housing minister also commented on plans to move older people into smaller homes. Barwell says there has been a “demographic change in the country and an increasing elderly population”.

It is believed that, if elderly people move they will “release” homes that “we’re desperate for”.


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Photo Credit: David Hignett


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