‘Perfect’ Sheffield graduate on The Apprentice

The Apprentice has returned with a fresh batch of suited and booted candidates who will be battling it out in the boardroom for the next 14 weeks.

In the mix this year is former Sheffield student who calls himself ‘one perfect guy’ – Samuel Boateng. Samuel has survived week 1 as his team – ‘Team Titans’ – beat the girls’ ‘Team Nebula’ to clinch the first team victory this season.

Undoubtedly, Samuel will attempt to avoid Lord Sugar’s pointing finger and that dreaded ‘you’re fired’ statement, this series.

Unfortunately for Michelle Nizol, however, the experience has been short lived as the property consultancy owner was the first casualty of Lord Sugar’s boardroom wrath.

The 35-year-old chose to be project manager of Team Nebula in a task which saw candidates searching for bargains among a host of antique collectibles.

Samuel Boateng, who studied at Sheffield Hallam University, is now one of 16 others in a battle to win a contract from Lord Sugar on the BBC One programme – which began on 6 October.

After graduating from the BSc information technology and business course, Samuel has gone on to work for various companies, rising quickly through management.

He is currently an area sales manager responsible for managing and generating new business for over 700 businesses across London.

“My ability in developing new and innovative ideas is one of my strongest business skills. I have excellent public speaking abilities. My creativity, my passion, my charm, and my likeability all roll into one, creating one perfect guy”, Samuel said.

Samuel is also involved in a number of charitable projects, and works to support young professionals.

He will be joined on this year’s programme by Doncaster businesswoman Frances Bishop, who described herself as a ‘feisty pocket rocket’.

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Photo Credit: The Huffington Post UK

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