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Pet helps woman overcome mental illness

A woman from Wigan has revealed that getting a pet allowed her to defeat her depression and anxiety.

Rebecca, owner of puppy, Oscar has spoken about the positive impact of animals on mental health. Her puppy appears in the Wellbeing Pets Calendar 2017. The calendar has been created by mental health charity, Rethink Mental Illness.

The charity’s aim is to ‘challenge attitudes’ and ‘change lives’. Thus, the calendar celebrates the animals that have inspired change by giving their owners a ‘mental health boost’.

The inspirational calendar appealed to Rebecca, who is a supporter of the charity. She submitted photographs of Oscar along with a brief description of him. Oscar was selected to be featured after a shortlist was released to the public community for voting.

Included in the calendar are a diverse range of pets that have had a life-changing effect on their owners. Pets have improved wellbeing, particularly within those who suffer from depression and anxiety.

Rebecca told Wigan Today, that having Oscar is like having a ‘new edition’ to the family. She says that this is the best treatment she could have received for depression and anxiety. The ‘playful pup’ senses when she is low or uneasy – he is ‘there’ for her.

In addition to inspirational stories and pictures, the calendar also raises awareness. It highlights the services available from the ‘Rethink’ charity. Those who suffer from a range mental illnesses including Schizophrenia, depression and anxiety, can access information, care and support.

Rethink Mental illness helps to create a sense of equality for the mentally ill. This is as they work to ensure that the mentally ill live a happy life – despite their illness. The pet calendar will help to uplift those who suffer.

Hopefully, the news will inspire more Manchester locals to introduce a pet to their home.

TNT Health

Photo Credit: Myriams-Fotos

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