Photo project promotes diverse Christmas images

A photo project has been created to address the lack of diversity of Christmas images.

The campaign, ‘#Christmas SO White’, challenges the fact that Black and ethnic minority (BAME) families are often left out. It is often the case that they are not visible in the advertising and marketing of Christmas.

Challenges white wash

The campaign challenges the ‘white wash’ of Christmas. The inspirational project began when a 6-year-old black girl, Sara was searching online for images for a school project.

Her search was assisted by one of the founders of the project, Nadya Powell. They were only able to find images of white – mostly blonde – children. Sara had to use the backs of families’ heads to represent her Christmas.

Powell, who is an advertising consultant, was ‘heartbroken’ and decided to ‘do something about it’.

Powell says under-representation of the BAME community in marketing and advertising is ‘partly due to bias’. It is also partly due to the fact that the ‘imagery simply does not exist’.

Lack of equality

She launched the project alongside, Selma Nicholls, CEO of Looks Like Me. Looks Like Me is a British model and talent agency. The agency challenges a lack of equality and the under-representation of BAME children.

Nicholls says the ‘approach’ was to select six ‘very different’ representations of the ‘unseen’ British BAME Christmas experience.

The images will inspire young BAME children, encouraging them not to ‘question their identity’. Capturing Christmas as experienced by the BAME community will highlight and emphasise that Britian is diverse.

Celebrate diversity

Therefore, the project celebrates diversity. It brings forth powerful, inspirational images which have been excluded from Christmas imagery for so long. It works to break Christmas’ association with whiteness and snow.

The campaign encourages the sharing of the diverse ‘#Christmas SO White’ images by local communities during the festive season. The images can be found on

The inspirational images are celebrated by the diverse Manchester community.

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Photo Credit: ThePeakVideo

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