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Pitbull sends private plane to move hurricane cancer patients

Pitbull has lent his private jet to help cancer patients following the hurricane that ripped through Puerto Rico.

The 36-year-old rapper loaned his plane to transport people from the Caribbean island to the US. It came after hurricane Maria left patients requiring life-saving treatment stranded. Pitbull hopes that in the US, the patients can undergo chemotherapy treatment.

He told US media: ‘Thank God we’re blessed to help. Just doing my part.’

Puerto Rican Congresswoman Jenniffer Gonzalez thanked Pitbull for his help. In a translated Spanish tweet on Twitter, she wrote: ‘Thank you @pitbull for lending your private plane to move cancer patients from PR to USA so that they can get chemo (sic)’.

The hurricane devastated the area, causing flooding, destroying homes and leaving the island without power.

Pitbull is the latest celebrity to put his help behind the cause. Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez pledged to help the people of Puerto Rico, offering $1 million [£756m]  in support. She said: ‘Alex Rodriguez and I, who are both New Yorkers, are using all our resources and relationships in entertainment, sports and business to garner support for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean’.

J-Lo recently admitted she still has yet to hear from family on the island. She said in an Instagram video: ‘What’s on my mind is what’s going on in Puerto Rico. The devastation is beyond belief. Me and my cousin still haven’t been able to hear from our families over there.

‘What’s foremost on my mind and many others is trying to figure out the best way to help.

‘Today, Puerto Rico needs our help. I urge you to support and donate to the efforts of the First Lady of Puerto Rico, Beatriz Areizaga. Together we can help rebuild our island, and the Caribbean’.

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Photo Credit: PitbullVEVO

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