Playa Got Played…

“He can eat shit and die”. Knight said heatedly, as he charged up and down Sasha’s living room space relentlessly cursing Mr Steele Solo, his boy from way back, who had crossed the line by sleeping with his woman.

“Look he’s coming over and we’re gonna sort this mess out”, Sasha cajoled.

Knight picking up his coat off the sofa said, “Well, I’m leaving”.

“No you’re not”, Nia commanded, as she dashed to stand in front of the living room door to imprison Knight in the flat.

Lela joined Knight in his striding up and down, trying to reason with him, asking “Are you really gonna fall out over a woman, you mans have been boys for years”.

Nia still guarding the door asked, “Anyway how comes you didn’t tell us you were seeing a new gyal?”

Sasha’s intercom hummed, she instructed Nia to let Steele into her flat as she took over guard door duty.

“Just be cool Knight”, Lela said trying to calm him down, “Do you want a drink…A glass of water, some herbal tea or something strong…Sasha what you got?”

Nia re-entered the room with Steele behind her, she voiced her concerns along with her hands saying, “Can I just say please nuh bruck – up mi bedrin yard, please remember this is Sasha’s home”.

Knight full of fire replied, “I’m not here to fight Steele, I would buss-up him arse anyway”.

Steele rushed across the living room towards Knight now with a hot head yelling, “Come on let’s go now!”

Nia and Sasha hauled Steele away from Knight, with Nia pleading in his ear to be grown about the situation.

Lela at the other side of the room pushed Knight into the sofa and sat on him, patting, hugging and kissing him to try calm him down.

Sasha’s intercom hummed again.

“Let me up Babygirl”.

It was Benjamin, Sasha buzzed him up.

Sasha returned to the scene to find that Steele and Knight’s argument had escalated again, the mans were now in each other’s faces with hands waving in each other’s grills.

Ben stepped in parting the mans saying, “Chill nuh”. He then asked, “Anyway who is this gyal that’s sending man chupid?”

Knight furiously answered, “It’s Simone that outta town gyal from Manny she’s family with my man Venny, he’s a Manchester man too”.

“Why you wanna fight over one dutty gyal who is a hoe!” Lela angrily shouted, as she held onto Knight around his waist for dear life to prevent further confrontation.

“Yeah Lela’s right…Please don’t mash up over this chupid hussy”. Nia bellowed and begged as she dragged Steele by the bottom of his shirt in the opposite direction from the mans.

Ben was still firmly sandwiched between his boys; all three had always had each-others backs for over twenty plus years and loved each other as if they were all born from the same belly.

Benjamin exasperatedly said, “Uno cool yuh self she did me in too”.

The Six all looked at Mr Benjamin Wright for clarity.

Ben announced, “She’s a player and all a we playas got played…She slept with me too”.
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