Pokémon game adds £5.6 billion to Nintendo value



Pokémon GO, the latest interactive version of the worldwide hit game, has added £5.6 billion to Nintendo’s market value in only two days.

The game is already one of the most popular games ever released, meaning the fictional characters are taking the world by storm again – since their original release in the late 90s.

In creating the game, the Japanese gaming company have used augmented reality that allows gamers to catch Pokémon’s from their phones in real life locations.

By using the camera on any iOS or Android phone, the game encourages users to walk around until they encounter a Pokémon or other locations where they can find supplies. After doing so, gamers can choose to capture the animals and store them in the app.

The game has already hit headlines after police urged gamers to stop coming to a police station in order to catch Sandscrew, one of the many Pokémon characters. Another woman in America found a dead body while searching for a Pokémon character in Wyoming.

According to data from SimilarWeb, the interactive game already has more online users than many chart-topping apps and has taken over 3 percent of the entire US Android population.

According to statistics, the Pokémon Go app has already surpassed Tinder and is close to overtaking Twitter.
On average, the app is being used for around 43 minutes and 23 seconds a day which is higher than WhatsApp (30 minutes), Instagram (25 minutes), and Snapchat (22 minutes).

The app is currently only available in America, New Zealand and Australia. The release date for the UK was delayed as the surge in the demand to explore the sought-after virtual reality was causing the servers that power the game to break.

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Photo Credit: GamesPilot

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