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Police Cadets serve up support for Manchester’s homeless

Volunteer Police cadets spent an evening providing vital support for the homeless in Manchester, when they helped to host a special soup kitchen event in the city centre.

The ten cadets made and served food and drink, as well as taking time to chat with those from the homeless community who had come along.

The cadets also visited local businesses to collect food donations and helped to distribute them to the homeless in the local area. They were aided by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Community Support Officers Chris Hatton, Adam Magee and PC Jason Cummings.

Speaking after the evening, Sergeant Chris Corbett, Development Officer for GMP Volunteer Police Cadets, said:
“Each of the cadets put in a tremendous effort during the evening and helped to provide some really important support for the homeless community in Manchester.

“The event and the cadets’ efforts also helped to break down some of the barriers that can exist between homeless people and the police.

We are now hopeful we will be able to organise further events to provide support in the future.”

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