Police officer celebrates death of black activist

A US police officer has been suspended from his duties after posting a comment on social media that seemed to celebrate the death of a Black Lives Matter activist, who recently killed himself.

Fairborn officer Lee Cyr was placed on administrative leave after senior officers became aware of a post on his Facebook page, which was posted directly next to a story about the death of MarShawn McCarrel II.

The 23-year-old shot himself on the steps of the state capital in Columbus on Monday 8 February. It appears that Mr. Cyr’s comment of “Love a happy ending” was directed at the tragic news story of MarShawn’s death.

MarShawn was a committed activist who organised events in order to feed the homeless and to guide youth within his community. He also became a leader of protests in Ohio after Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Mike Brown in 2014, an unarmed teen.

MarShawn struggled in the days leading up to his suicide and on the day before he died he wrote on social media that his “demons won today”. His last tweet read “Let the record show that I pissed on the state house before I left”.

Mr. Cyr’s post was one of many insensitive and perturbing attacks towards the story of MarShawn’s death. One social media user said, “Now if all black lifes [sic] matter members would follow suit that would be great”.

The police have stated that Mr. Cyr was off duty when the comment was posted. Fairborn Police Chief Terry Barlow also added “Posts that may discredit the police department are against police. We take this seriously. We will ensure the professional standards of the department are upheld”.

McCarrel’s family has said that he was a selfless person and often put causes before himself. They also revealed that his emotionally sapping work took its toll on him. He had recently attended the American National Association for the advancement of Coloured People Image Awards (NAACP).

MarShawn’s mother, Leatha Wellington has remarked, “He impacted so many people, touched so many lives. He will give his last to make sure others don’t go without”.

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Photo credit: New York Daily News

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