Police officers probed for violence and racism towards women at London station

Police officers accused of misconduct including taking steroids, violence towards women and perverting the course of justice are being investigated.

At least 10 officers, who mainly worked in the same Westminster unit, are subject to a probe by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

The watchdog said its investigation started last year over allegations an officer “had sex with a vulnerable female member of the public in a room” at Charing Cross police station in February 2016.

“The scope of that investigation has now widened considerably,” a spokesperson added. “Currently the allegations relate to 10 officers – eight PCs and two sergeants.”

The IOPC said the officers were “predominately from a unit known as the ‘Impact team’, which has since been disbanded, and a small number of other police officers primarily based at Charing Cross police station or West End Central”.

As part of an internal Metropolitan Police probe, messages were seized that led the IOPC to investigate a number of allegations that do not each apply to all 10 officers.

The accusations include violence towards women and taking advantage of vulnerable people, and “racist, misogynistic and other discriminatory language and behaviour” between 2015 and 2017.

The IOPC said there were also allegations of the “use of controlled substances including steroids and the potential behavioural impact of taking these substances”.

Some officers are accused of bullying and inappropriate behaviour towards their colleagues, including sending threatening and malicious messages.

They are also accused of perverting the course of justice by deleting messages relevant to a criminal investigation and failing to report wrongdoing.

The IOPC said it has reviewed a large volume of material, analysed phone data, and interviewed the officers and witnesses both inside and outside the Metropolitan Police.

Investigators are in the process of analysing electronic devices seized in connection with the perverting the course of justice allegation and the officers were drug tested over steroid claims.

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