Policeman brutally removing student sparks outrage – Watch

A video that shows a police officer abrasively removing a student from her class has caused a public outcry. The officer in question barbarically shows no regard for the student’s safety as he drags her away from her desk and launches her across the room.

The reaction of the students at the front of the class suggests that this incident is not a one off, as they can be seen nonchalantly cowering out of the line of fire.

Black Entertainment Television have displayed their shock and disgust at the video, they shared the video on their Twitter page with the caption “Police brutality has made its way in to schools. When will it end? #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh”.

This disturbing video has portrayed American authorities in a tentative light yet again and it poses the question, how often does this nonsensical behaviour occur within schools in America and what can be done to rectify parts of America’s cold justice system?

TNT News

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