Pope Francis returns from America and Cuba trip.

Pope Francis completed his longest ever trip after arriving back in Rome. He visited America and Cuba for a total of eight days and 23 hours and was warmly received by most.

The Pope stopped in Philadelphia, New York and Washington D.C where he met with president Barrack Obama and addressed the congress. Pope Francis was gratuitous upon his arrival home as he tweeted “With my heartfelt thanks. May the love of Christ always guide the American people!”.

An array of American celebrities revealed their excitement at the Pope’s visit. During her concert on Thursday Madonna dedicated a song to ‘Popey-Wopey’ whilst Kim Kardashian stated that “The Pope is dope” on twitter. Pope Francis revealed that he was surprised by the warm and accommodating nature of the United States, he said “It was beautiful thing and also different. You could see the people pray, and this struck me a lot”.

Pope Francis stooped in Cuba whilst travelling to America in an effort to reinforce the notion that he is the peace-broker between the two countries. Pope Francis’ visit to Cuba was designed to offer a boost in Cuban efforts to restore relations after 50 years of spite. Despite relations being tense between the governing powers of the two countries the Cuban public received Pope Francis with great enthusiasm, as they usually do for papal visits. The Cuban habitants are notorious for their dedication to their religion and Pope Francis was treated with high prestige.

During his time in Cuba Pope Francis could have conveyed a significant political boost to The Catholic Church, the only influential independent institution on the island. Pope Francis’ presence in Cuba could be crucial in uniting the whole of the country against communist authorities and towards broader and more practical reforms.

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