Potholes: The danger on Manchester’s roads – Watch

The deterioration of Manchester’s roads is one of the factors that contribute to the number of accidents on council-owned land.

Manchester has ranked second in a list of UK cities with the highest number of accident claims filed against local councils last year, according to data provided by First4Lawyers.

Birmingham and Newcastle were ranked second and third on the list, respectively. Potholes in Manchester pose a serious risk of accident, particularly for cyclists. Manchester has in the past been referred to as a ‘terrible cycling city’ by The Guardian. Whether Mancunians on the road believe that, is another question.

TNT took a trip around South Manchester to investigate the state of the city’s roads and get the public’s views on the raised issue. The results are in the video.

What has been the extent of the damage and cost to your car, if you’ve been a victim of potholes in Manchester?

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TNT News Yasin Chinembiri


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