Power actor Omari Hardwick still getting stick for Beyoncé kiss

Although now a week ago since it happened, Omari Hardwick’s two kisses on Beyonce at the NAAPC Image Awards are still making “beehives” unhappy.

At the 50th NAACP Awards ceremony, Beyoncé earned the title of “Entertainer of the Year”.

While the celebration was recognised and fans were congratulating Beyoncé after her lovely speech, the attention quickly turned from a positive occasion overshadowed by a negative.

Jay-Z was right next to Beyoncé and took a photo with Hardwick, just before he laid two kisses on Queen Bey. Beyoncé’s fans came for Omari in an instant, as fans couldn’t help but notice Beyoncé seeming uncomfortable.

Feminists began to stand up for Beyoncé and stood against the move Omari made. Some fans believe Omari invaded Beyoncé’s personal space and think the second kiss was unnecessary.

Sterling Collins tweeted, “As he should. Highly inappropriate for ‪@OmariHardwick to kiss ‪@Beyonce PERIODT especially that 2nd kiss so close to her mouth. She looked extremely uncomfortable and it was just uncalled for. Omari is married, Beyoncé’s husband is standing right there! Just disgusting do better!!”

However 50 Cent has joined the reactions and has publically said Omari meant nothing bad at all. “He didn’t mean nothing, man. He is excited. What the f**** happened to being excited? He is excited; that’s Beyonce. What if I get excited?” he said.

The first kiss was a greeting kiss, whereby the Power star congratulated Beyoncé, but the second kiss is arguably inappropriate.

The second kiss landed close to Beyoncé’s mouth, which seemed farfetched and awkward. Omari’s fans feel as though he panicked in Beyonce’s presence and didn’t know how to act.

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Photo Credit: Kane Will


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