Pregnant mum robbed at knifepoint with her daughter – Watch

Both mother and daughter had blades pointed at them.

A heavily pregnant woman and her six-year-old daughter have been attacked by robbers in their house in Oldham.

The 36-year-old woman was upstairs waiting for her partner to come home with her four children on Friday, 18 November.

When they heard someone knocking at the door at 7.15pm, an eight-year-old boy went to answer.

Two men rushed inside the property and attacked the mother and her girl. One pointed a knife at the woman’s stomach while her girl had a blade pointing at her throat.

While threatening the mother and girl at knifepoint, they then proceeded onto stealing a new space grey-coloured iPhone 5s.

They then left the building and disappeared down an alleyway.

CCTV footage has just been released showing the robbers make their way into the house the night of the attack.

One man is described as white; over 6ft tall, of heavy build. He was wearing a black wool balaclava, dark baseball cap, with the hood of this jacket up.

He also had a black quilted sleeveless jacket, black gloves, a dark top and dark blue jeans.

The other man is white, 5ft 5in tall, in his mid twenties, with light eyes and an oval shaped face. He had a short patchy ginger beard and was of medium build.

He was wearing a black hat with the hood from his red jumper pulled over it. He also had a black sleeveless quilted coat, black gloves and brown chinos.

Both robbers spoke with a local accent.

Detective Inspector Kenny Blain, from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) described the attack as “atrocious”.

“The mum is due to give birth any day”, she said. “And the stress this would have caused her could have potentially threatened the life of her unborn child”.

GMP urges anyone in the community who has witnessed anything that night or recognises the two men to come forward.

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Photo Credit: GMP

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