Pretty Intense


I dated Olivia for a year it was pretty intense, she was only the third girl I had dated and thought she was the one.  I was so happy we had met and how the relationship had been moving and our chemistry as they say was off the chain or so I thought.

My family, especially my mum, asked to see the new love of my life with her subtle hints that were like getting hit by a double-decker bus. My sister and brother were equally as enthusiastic. So I gave in almost six months ago now. I’m devastated.

Ok here goes, I took Olivia to my family home and everything went perfectly all family members talked to her and genuinely seemed smitten with her, I was chuffed.

Late night calls, taking her phone everywhere, overtime , then the day she was caught out. Olivia said she was going out with the girls her best friend Rebecca. I was finishing up some work at home in my office when there was a knock at the door and to my surprise their Rebecca was standing. I was in a panic as I thought Livy was hurt, she said that her and Livy hadn’t been talking for months and she came to make amends.

I waited for Livy to come home and we had a blazing row, where she then told me she was in a relationship with my brother.

I can’t eat or sleep, I still want her back.



Agony Angel

You have been involved in a traumatic incident but pinning for Olivia isn’t going to help you get through these issues.

Olivia doesn’t care about you as she blurted out she was in a relationship! She didn’t say it was a one night stand or that it was just sex, therefore it seems as though she has made her choice. Due to the fact you say you still want her, I’m presuming she is no longer in your life. Seek the advice from a councillor and close that chapter in your life and move on and when you feel able and are stronger seek the support of your family and give your brother a wide berth. Take care of you.

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