Prime Minister makes UK a laughing stock

Recent story around claims that Prime Minister David Cameron would have put “a private part of his anatomy into a dead pig’s mouth” has took social networks by storm since last week end. The story apparently has Lord Ashcroft making allegations that Cameron, in order to access membership of a secret society while at university, was involved in uncommon and dirty rituals.

Thousands of users on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have flooded the networks with all sorts of Photoshop pig stories, jokes and expressions of disgust.

While commenting on the previously cited article Local Manchester creative blogger Kate Feld, added on Twitter: “#piggate and the British class war, may cause rage”

Among all the articles and stories that came out in the days following the claim, a blog has managed to steal the show through the publishing of a groundbreaking commentary article on what has become the #piggate story. Publication platform for underrepresented writers, the Blog ‘The Leveller’ literally had to upgrade its web hosting in order to cope with demand:

Anti-austerity organization ‘The People Assembly’ has launched a competition in reaction to the story. Due to protest the Tory conference in Manchester on the 4th of October, the organization is calling for all participants to get creative and produce the best pig mask possible. The winner will receive free tickets for local gigs and free drinks.

Furthermore, a part from the good laugh, the story has also sparked intense debate regarding modern day society.

While the poorer classes are struck by poverty homelessness and so on, increasing number of diverse communities are doing their best adapting to British values, it is disturbing to many that at the top of the class hierarchy people are still into 18th century bourgeoisie values and secret societies.

TNT News Julien Sueres

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