Prison officer jailed over affair with gang member

A female prison officer who had an affair with a jailed gang leader has been jailed.

Alison Sharples, 46, had a romantic affair with jailed gang member, Marvin Berkeley, 31. Sharples, who planned to have a baby with Berkeley – whilst he was behind bars – has been jailed for 9 months.

Sharples was found guilty of misconduct in a public office in October 2016.  The 46-year-old was caught trying to leave Leyland’s HMP Garth with a syringe containing Berkley’s semen.

Sharples planned to inseminate herself with the semen. A friend of the prison officer told the court that Sharples wanted a “chocolate baby”.

Berkeley has been serving a sentence for firearms and kidnapping offences since 2007. Preston Crown Court heard that the baby-making equipment was discovered after a routine search of Sharples’ handbag. The bag was searched after a shift in 2014.

DNA testing of the semen linked the sample to Marvin Berkeley. In a search of Sharple’s home, police discovered a letter from Berkeley tucked away in her underwear drawer. The letter read “I don’t trust no-one in here”.

During the trial it was revealed that Sharples became ‘besotted’ with Berkeley – who led The Fallowfield Man Dem gang. During their seven-week affair, love letters were exchanged between the two.

Sharples, from Chorley, also became jealous of Berkeley’s girlfriend who visited him in prison.

Judge Simon Newall ruled that Sharples ‘abused’ the public’s trust in her as prison support officer.

Newall said that those who choose to “form inappropriate relationships”, put the general public at “significant risk”. Newall said there must be zero tolerance of these kinds of inappropriate relationships.

Members of Sharples’ family attended court and witnessed the former prison officer being led away to her cell.

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