Project director appointed for Manchester’s Town Hall project


As part of the project to repair and safeguard Manchester Town Hall, a project director has been appointed.

Paul Candelent, whose repertoire of work includes the restoration of The John Rylands Library, has been selected as project director.

Our city will see the Town Hall’s long-term future secured. Its features will be restored to celebrate the building as a heritage asset for Manchester. The building is also hoped to have increased access for Mancunians as well as be an enhanced visitor destination.

In addition to maximising commercial opportunities, the project will also reduce the building’s carbon footprint and energy costs.

Candelent, who has more than 30 years of experience, was project director for Unlocking the Rylands from 2005 to 2008. His experience with the Manchester Grade-I listed gem is said to be “particularly relevant” to the new project in which “heritage is so important”.

Paul Candelent has said: “It’s a tremendous honour to be selected as project director for this challenging and exciting project. I am looking forward to devoting myself to it. I have lived and worked in Greater Manchester for 30 years, and I know what a treasure Manchester Town Hall is and how much it means to so many people”.

Manchester Town Hall will celebrate its 140th birthday this year. While it has been maintained and remains structurally sound, it is now showing serious signs of aging.

Without significant work to address damage and defects, it will deteriorate and become unfit for use. Designed in the 1860s by Alfred Waterhouse, the building needs work to include safety standards and modern access.

The target date for the completion is 2023.

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Photo Credit: Parrot of Doom

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