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‘A place to call home’ is a new national report produced by Ubele and Locality, which highlights the vulnerability of community spaces leased to African Diaspora communities.

On 8 March 2016 at the MMU Brooks Building in Hulme, from 6pm, Ubele will “kick-start the campaign in Manchester the community’s right to a ‘Place to call home”.

Coordinator at COMA (The Community Ownership and Management of Assets programme), Steve Conway told TNT that, a lack of togetherness within the community to defend and preserve these spaces, is central to the reasons of their vulnerability.

“It is up to the community to act together and help fund these community assets”, he said.

He also argued that uprisings in Manchester and across the UK in the 1980s led to the emergence of community spaces like the West Indian Centre being leased to the Windrush Generation. “Over the past 10 years many have lost these assets and across England we face a struggle to retain places to meet, work, learn, celebrate and mourn”, Mr conway continued.

Ubele Chief Executive Yvonne Field said: “Manchester’s Black Community has lost many of its community buildings, there is an urgent need for a new strategy to keep assets in our community, iconic centres like the West Indian Centre on Westwood Street need support and investment. We need to bring together key national, regional and local stakeholders with our communities to secure assets for future generations”.

Field added that “Manchester needs local action and local organisation if we are to renew and revitalise our community, we welcome everyone to meet with us and join the campaign”.

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