Protest march: The real northern powerhouse

A succession of rousing speeches were delivered on Oxford road outside Manchester Metropolitan University’s Mabel Tylecote building around 1.30pm today.

A spokeswoman provoked an enthusiastic response from the huge crowd as she posed the question, “I’m proud to be a trade unionist, are you proud to be a trade unionist?

The speaker directed parts of her speech to members of the Conservative’s governing body, she stated, “Message for Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne, look around you, this is the real Northern Powerhouse. We got here first and we will be here long after the Conservative Party are gone”.

The speaker insisted that The Labour Party have the working population at heart whilst implying that David Cameron’s policies favour the already affluent and privileged sector of British society, she remarked, “David Cameron don’t call yourselves a worker’s party, brothers and sisters they will only win if we stay silent”.

This statement triggered a deafening response from the assembled crowd as the chant of “No to cuts, yes to workers rights” bellowed through Oxford Road.

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