Protests in Chicago following shooting of black teenager -Watch

Hundreds have protested in the streets of Chicago following the release of graphic video footage on Tuesday 24 November. The footage showed white police officer, Jason van Dyke, shooting black teenager Laquan Macdonald16 times.

Protesters stood on a motorway intersection, making it impassable. Others marched through streets; eventually gathering outside a police station, where some of the demonstrators were detained.

The dash-cam footage has no audio, but shows Laquan Macdonald walking along the road, before falling to the ground as he is shot by Van Dyke. The officer has been working with the police force for 14 years.

Van Dyke’s trial was carried out over the course of 13 months, which is what caused the protests earlier this week. Many felt that the time it took for him to be prosecuted was unacceptable. Demonstrators chanted ’16 times’ and ‘mic check’ during the protest – in reference to the lack of audio on the dash-cam footage.

After 7 hours of marching and protesting, a young protestor stood and stared into the eyes of a police officer in silence protest, amidst the chants and noise.

The interaction, which took place outside Chicago Police Department’s District One headquarters, was caught on camera by journalists and has caused a media storm. Fox News presenters argued over whether this form of protest was ‘appropriate’.

Van Dyke was charged with first-degree murder and was remanded in custody.

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