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Vaping is fast-becoming a huge social and health feature of modern Britain. Whilst many vape for social reasons, some do it to try and quit smoking. In any case, e-cigarettes have made their mark in many homes and streets, and won’t be going away any time soon.

In Manchester, self-funded J & J Vapes promises to have the same conviction of not going anywhere, as the Hulme high street e-cig shop sells e-cigarette kits, mods, coils, tanks, accessories and liquids to the community of Hulme and beyond.

“It’s something for the community; there wasn’t an e-cigarette shop in the community like this and I wanted to share this with the community”, owner Jonathan told TNT.

Opened back on 18 April 2016, the main challenge in opening the shop was the initial step from leaving his full time work to start-up his business. “I was working full time. I have always wanted to set up my own business but I could never step over the edge. I was at that stage where I was getting fed up with my job, not because I didn’t enjoy it; I just wanted to work for myself”.

As with any business, time management is paramount to the success of the company. Jonathan’s vigilance in “making sure the bills are paid, looking after my children and balance family time with work time”, is helping him work towards his bigger plan.

“I’m not around as much as I used to be, but it’s for a bigger plan. I have to explain to my kids that this is for them”, the 29-year-old explained.

With the surge of pop-up vape lounges, Jonathan admits that the key in competing with competitors is to “try and not sell what they are selling”.

“The e-cig business right now is really massive. There are e-cigs that come out from different brands and companies, so it is a case of finding your own niche or your own brand of liquids that people will come to your shop specifically for. Also it’s all about offering premium quality liquids for the e-cigs, which J & J offers the community”.

Although currently set up as a pop-up shop in Hulme high street market, J & J Vapes has future plans for setting up a lounging area for e-cig enthusiasts. Jonathan confirmed, “I’m looking to have ‘vape meets’ where people can come and do vape tricks” and meet other vapers.

Another beneficial service that J & J Vapes offers is free product delivery within a 7-mile radius for orders of £10 or more. From liquids containing no nicotine but just flavours – like blueberry mint and strawberry – J & J Vapes stocks various products from £2.00 upwards.

Want community vaping? Be sure to pop into J & J Vapes in Hulme.

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