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Putting on a Shoa

When you hear her sing, her dulcet tones remind you of Sade, but then she raps and you’re in the room with Shystie.
When speaking with 23 year-old Shoa Osbourne it is clear that she has lost none of her Longsight grassroots where she was raised by her mum, a middle child between two sisters.
Confident yet humble, Shoa is aware of her God-given talent yet in awe of her fellow artists.
She is also aware that she isn’t the only emerging singer trying to make a name for herself and so has set about trying to differentiate her sound from the many around her. Describing her style as “urban alternative”, she can flow seamlessly from singing in to a rap.
“I can do straight rnb or I can do a rap or I can do urban acoustic, so there’s always an element of urban but it can vary.”
She considers herself a singer but in recent years has forayed in to rap, looking up to likes of Lady Leshurr.
“People say I actually write most of my songs in the style of an MC but they usually finish up as lyrics to be sung. I think Lady Leshurr is very sick, there’s no way I could get to her levels.”
Unsurprisingly, due to the severe lack of female talent in the city, there is a long pause as Shoa tries to think of other female artists she rates.
“I wish more females would emerge or reach out to me. To get all Manchester artists on one song would be so sick!”
She may be lacking on the female collaborations but already has an impressive back catalogue of tracks recorded with a variety of male artists, from label mate Wrigz to grime veteran Ghetts.
Shoa speaks fondly of her group C4ENT when describing who they are, “The aim for C4ENT is to become a record label. We’re an up and coming label where Wrigz is the CEO as well as being his own artist.
“We’re all independent, like there’s nobody saying ‘oh you’re not allowed to work with this person or that person’ so I’m an individual in the way that if I like your work, I’ll want to collaborate but then we come together as a group. In recent months C4 have been my backbone.”

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