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Sex. It is no secret that the teenage years are commonly spent questioning and exploring sexuality. But now, with over 86% of homes in Britain having access to the internet (according to the Office for National Statics – ONS), and the dark corners where pornography lurks, most teenagers now find themselves delving into ‘adult’ sites. This once natural exploration has been corrupted by large businesses and has many negative consequences on teens.

With 12-17 year olds now being the largest consumer of pornography – according to, it is clear that this industry has been built to exploit teenagers. It is worth approximately £1billion in the UK alone.

Not only are these businesses creating unrealistic expectations of body image and sex, but also they often promote violence and illegal acts.

Pornography is also almost always derogatory to women, as it devalues and objectifies them. This feeds an unhealthy attitude towards women.

Mark Kastlemann suggests “Giving porn to a teenage boy is like giving crack to a baby. Addiction is almost guaranteed”. Porn can deteriorate relationships, as developing a dependence means less time spent having real experiences with those around you.

More late nights spent watching porn means less focus and concentration on revision, and your grades could suffer dramatically.

It’s perfectly natural to be curious about sex, but be careful. Pornography is addictive and can be dehumanizing, and could have a long-term impact on real relationships.
TNT Growing Pains Anna Seifu


Photo Credit: Marialiboi

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