R.I.O works closely with X factor semi finalist Misha B

‘Behind-the-scenes’ of new video

On 19 December 2015, R.I.O a.k.a Rio Nelson a.k.a south Manchester’s finest rapper gave TNT yet another reason why he is perhaps the most-commended and most-respected MC in the city. The 29-year-old gave us the exclusive honour and pleasure of joining him behind the scenes during the filming of his upcoming music video – ‘You Don’t Know’.

Throughout our city and beyond, R.I.O effortlessly exudes authenticity in all that he produces, and what’s more is that his exemplary dedication is matched by his immense talent.

Out in January, You Don’t Know’s video will focus on R.I.O’s childhood in the community he grew up in – Moss Side

Working closely with 23-year-old Misha B – also a Moss Side girl – R.I.O explained that the concept behind the video was from the 2011 X Factor semi-finalist.

“I spoke to Misha B about what ideas we should get for a video. She came up with the idea of getting young kids acting as me and my peers as we came up in the music game. It didn’t out like we initially planned, because a lot of people didn’t turn up”, he told TNT.

Innovatively, R.I.O decided to base the concept “on me and my friends, rather than a group of MCs I came up with. So it is just about me and my people”.

A team of up to 11 children are to appear in the video which is directed by R.I.O himself.

“I got my family and friends involved in the video. I’m just basically re-living all the moments I had when I was growing up. I used to live on the estate, stay at my nana’s sometimes, Portman road, chill out, go to youth clubs, go town centre”, R.I.O audibly reminisced with TNT.

When TNT mentioned how R.I.O is keeping it local and still involving the community despite his fame beyond our city, he said, “Yeh keeping it authentic and real. This is what it was, this is how we was; attitude and we thought we run the place”, before laughing jokingly as he gestured a stance.

After filming at Chicken Run in Moss Side, the crew moved to Powerhouse, Market Street (city centre) and Unity Radio.

With a little help from his friends and cousins, R.I.O managed to garner the enthusiastic team of adolescents for the video. “Misha B’s nephew will be acting me”, he said before confirming that the rest of the cast are some of his cousins and friends, and “that was it”.

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming video. This man’s energy and ethos is both admirable and inspirational. TNT salutes him and his music.

R.I.O’s Concrete Rose EP will also be out in the summer of 2016.

TNT Entertainment Yasin Chinembiri

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