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R. Kelly’s music sales and streams spike despite docuseries

After three back-to-back nights of Lifetime’s docuseries Surviving R. Kelly, one thing is painfully clear: Black girls deserve better.

For decades, numerous women have accused R. Kelly of sexually abuse and other disturbing acts including passing sexually transmitted diseases to them.

The latest instalment in the whistleblowing movement against the 52-year-old singer is the Lifetime docuseries Surviving R. Kelly.

In this series, more accusations have made it to the forefront, as women and girls claiming to be Kelly’s victims speak up on camera.

Stories of sex cults, years of manipulation and Kelly “knowingly” passing sexually transmitted diseases were released for the public’s consumption. We have learned and relearned about the damages that the “Pied Piper of R&B” has allegedly inflicted upon the lives of multiple girls and women in our community.

Yet, after all we’ve learned, after all that’s been brought to the table, there has been a spike in Kelly’s record sales and streams. This has confused many people, one of whom is Jada Pinkett Smith.

“I’m having a really difficult time understanding why, but I think it’s important that I understand why … even if it’s something I don’t agree with,” she told Instagram followers.

Pinkett goes on to say that she doesn’t want to believe that it’s because black girls don’t matter, but it’s my humble opinion that if you’re still supporting Robert Kelly, you’re basically saying that you don’t care about black women in general.

Kelly’s songs are essentially subliminal shots at his victims (if you can even say they’re that subtle at this point). Since the beginning of his career, he has told us exactly who he is – in 1993, after teenage singer Aaliyah was introduced to Kelly, he released “It Seems Like You’re Ready.”

Yet still, many chose not to believe him. Kelly picked a metaphor that was infamously related to seducing children with music; he hid in plain sight, yet many chose to be in denial about his actions because they admired him.

Many do not want to let go of R. Kelly because they don’t want to let go of his music, however many others argue that the value of a black girl’s life is far greater than a couple of hit records.

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