Radio Diamond -The rise of community radio

The rise and spread of local radio in Britain is a striking contemporary phenomenon. In Manchester, the story is no different as many listeners within the community are finding resonance with and being allowed to share their voice with community radio stations.

Manchester’s self-funded Radio Diamond is one of the various community stations connecting the dots between the local listener and the presenter. The important thing about Radio Diamond is that it is not a niche station; it’s a multi-niche station that gives voice to an assorted array of passions and pressing issues.

Having launched in 2012, the station’s drive is in giving a voice to the voiceless, “particularly the young people – enabling them to have a global connection with the rest of the world. We have openings for new DJs and will train them to the highest level”, radio talk show presenter Imani Larry told TNT.

Whilst Radio Diamond is music-oriented, the station – a brain child of K.D.N.K recording studio – offers talk radio, guest interviews and community interaction. Looking ahead, the station sees the internet as a way to merge the local and global community.

Aiming to become the biggest internet radio in the world, Radio Diamond sees the internet as a way to merge the local and global community.

The role of the internet in levelling the playing field between small and big corporate stations online is becoming more evident. Fortunately, the web enables global accessibility for listeners to the station – people in other parts of the world tune-in. Imani said, “We have a large following in London and surrounding counties and we are in over 120 countries and growing. We are able to monitor our listenership on a daily basis and we are definitely seeing a growth in the number of people listening”.

A lot of businesses face challenges and Radio Diamond is no exception. “Team dynamics and the implementation and manifestation of the station’s vision are the primary challenges”

“Finding the balance between moving forward whilst not losing the Radio Diamond brand, [that our listeners have come to know and love – finding that biting point], can sometimes be a challenge”, Imani added.

TNT Business Yasin Chinembiri

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