Raheem Sterling caught taking legal high – Watch

Footage of Liverpool Striker Raheem Sterling taking a legal high has emerged.

The Sun newspaper exposed images of the 20 year-old taking nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas- in layman’s terms; he was inhaling air from a balloon.

As the second most popular choice of high next to cannabis, the craze is popular amongst young party-goers and although it isn’t illegal it is dangerous.

In the images, Sterling can be seen sucking from the balloon and making funny faces before it is alleged he collapsed in to a state of unconsciousness.

Liverpool Football Club have been made aware of what has happened and plans to deal with the incident internally.

Manager Brendan Rogers has said he will be speaking to the player about his actions both on and off the field adding, “Young players make mistakes. As long as they learn from them, that is what is important.”

Do you think Sterling is a role model and should be punished for his actions? Or is he just another young lad like any other?

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