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Rani Moorthy – Whose Sari Now?

On 6 October, as part of Black History Month and the Black Gold Arts Festival, ‘Whose Sari Now’ visits the Contact Theatre in Manchester.

Whose Sari Now has been created by Manchester-based production company ‘Rasa Productions’.

The production shows the way in which a diverse group of individuals engage with the sari, such as a young mother giving birth in a war zone and someone who contemplates the sari in her final hours.

Head of the company is Rani Moorthy, who has starred in the likes of Coronation Street and Cold Feet. Rani plays each of the characters in this production.

The powerful work of Rasa Productions often tackles the issues of the lives of migrants in the UK and has had extremely complimentary reviews.

Whose Sari Now is set to be part of a trilogy of work, all centred around the sari.

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Photo Credit: Contact Theatre

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