“Rape part of black culture”, Judge says

A South African judge has been embroiled in a racism row after comments she made on social media claiming rape was part of black culture went viral at the weekend.

Judge Mabel Jansen made the comments to activist and author Gillian Schutte last year and on social media, going as far claiming she had never met a black girl who had not been ‘raped at around 12’.

She also wrote that: “In their culture a woman is there to pleasure them. Period. It is seen as an absolute right and a woman’s consent is not required.”

The comments made by the judge, who sits in the High Court in Pretoria, drew a huge backlash in South Africa, where the opposition Democratic Alliance party stated they would report her to the Judicial Services Commission.

In defence, Judge Jansen claimed she was trying to help victims of crime, saying: “The real issue… is the protection of vulnerable women and children and an endeavour to cure the pandemic.”

Schutte said she decided to release the comments in the wake of the recent Ntokozo Qwabe controversy.

Schutte told news24.com: “In the wake of the Qwabe situation I felt it was a good time actually to bring this up again and to say, ‘How hypocritical can a society be?’”

Qwabe made headlines earlier this year after the Oxford student refused to tip a Cape Town waitress, purportedly writing on the bill: “We will give you tip when you return the land.”

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