Ray Parlour demands public apology from Manchester United stars

Arsenal hero Ray Parlour believes Manchester United players owe their fans a public apology, while they should also offer to refund them for the first half of the season.

Parlour is convinced United’s star-studded squad were deliberately playing below their best in a bid to get Jose Mourinho sacked and their 5-1 win over Cardiff under new boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer proved they had downed tools.

And he wants them to publicly acknowledge their failings and apologise to the fan base.

Asked if the players were trying to push Mourinho out of the club, Parlour replied: ‘Oh absolutely, without a doubt.

‘They did exactly the same at Chelsea. ‘The players have let the supporters down, really.

‘You don’t always like your manager but you put a performance in for personal pride, plus the supporters who are the main people you’re playing for.

‘They should pay half their money back, give the supporters’ their money back for the first half of the season.’

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Photo Credit: Talk Sport Twitter

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