The much anticipated Legends of RnB tour finally came to Manchester Academy on Saturday 31 January and, as expected, didn’t disappoint.

It was a difficult toss between Legends and Manchester’s Burgaboy (now known as King Burga: see review) who was headlining in Academy 3 but the Legends were too good an opportunity to miss. Forgive us, Burgz!

The Legends of RnB are made up of Joe, Ginuwine and 112. Many babies have been made to the smooth R’n’B churned out by these greats in the nineties and early 2000’s so it wasn’t surprising that the venue was full to the brim with crowds bumping and grinding to tune after tune.

First up was Ginuwine, known for his sexually-charged singles Pony and In Those Jeans, his set was a little short considering he has over seven albums full of material. A brilliant solo artist but performing with groups like Legends and supergroup TGT (Tyreese Ginuwine, Tank) suits him.

Next was 112. These four boys were the eye candy for the night as no music as a group since 2005 and embarking on solo projects since then meant that much of the audience weren’t quite sure who the guys were, until they brought the house down with Peaches ‘n’ Cream.

Perhaps saving the best ‘til last, ultimate R’n’B crooner Joe stepped on to stage amidst screams from women that wanted to be with him and cheers from men that wouldn’t mind being him. A mini concert within a concert, we were taken back in time to Joe’s heyday with the sexy, soulful songs he is known and loved for and treated to his most recent tunes from June 2014 album Bridges.

Overall a brilliant evening of brilliant music, electrifying vibes filled the air throughout the concert and long after. Long live the Legends of R’n’B.

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