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Reggie Yates’ Extreme UK: Gay and Under Attack – Watch


Reggie Yates is one of those TV presenters that viewers naturally warm to. With a relaxed, measured, friendly, informative without being too preachy attitude, Reggie returns with a companion series to his Extreme Russia documentaries, this time turning his gaze on the UK.

In this first episode, he looks in particular at being gay in black and Asian communities – as he puts it, being a minority within a minority.

Of course, homophobia isn’t unique to – or endemic in – either group, but it is clear that for both communities, religious and cultural objections to same-sex relationships run deep.

Growing up gay and black or Asian in the UK can be a lonely experience. With wide-spread intolerance in the communities and lack of role models, many are forced to keep their sexuality hidden.

These are tricky and sensitive issues in need of someone measured and conscious to explore, which leaves Reggie to be the go-to man for bringing them to us, as he attempts to delve into the deep-seated beliefs at the root of the problem.

Catch the episode tonight 7 December 2015 on BBC3 at 9pm

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