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Reggie Yates leaves TOTP after ‘offensive’ slur

TV presenter Reggie Yates has stepped down from Top of the Pops after making ‘offensive’ comments about Jewish music managers.

Fans and critics have sent in their support for Reggie, citing that the 34-year-old had not been offensive at all.

Reggie had been signed up to host Christmas Day and New Year specials with Fearne Cotton.

But he will no longer be on the BBC shows after remarking, in a podcast, that a new generation of singers are “independent”.

“They’re not managed by some random fat Jewish guy from north west London”, he continued.

In a statement on Twitter, Yates said he was “stepping down from hosting Top Of The Pops this year”.

He wrote: “On a recent podcast, during a discussion about grime artists, I made some ill-considered remarks which have hurt many people.

“I can see clearly that the words I used reinforced offensive stereotypes, and that there is no context that would justify such remarks.

“My comments are no reflection on how I truly feel, and I would like to apologise unreservedly to the Jewish community, people in the music industry and anyone else I have offended.

“This has been, and continues to be a huge learning experience for me, and on reflection I have taken the decision to step down from hosting Top Of The Pops this year”.

Some members of the Jewish community replied to Reggie saying they were not offended by his comments. “I’m Jewish and I wasn’t in any way offended by what he said”, @Nilstar1 tweeted.

She added, “[I] know that he wouldn’t have meant anything by his comment, was banter ffs!”.

Some critics have also blamed the BBC for ‘double standards’ here. ‘Being young black & talented always been a bit of an issue for the British establishment’, Aaron Carr wrote.

In support of Reggie, John McDonnel said, ‘Another victim of the pc brigade gone mad’.

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